How do I deal with a co-founder who is unproffesional? If she was a subordinate I would fire her, but as she and I are both equally responsible for our venture I cannot fire her. If I had known that this was how she worked then I might not have agreed to start a venture with her.

She doesn't meet deadlines, she plays with her phone during meetings, she is very suspicious and accusatory (asking me if I am helping the competition), she gets new ideas for our venture and presents these ideas to customers before talking about the ideas with me, she insults me personally, she has unrealistic and unfounded ideas/goals for the venture (she said that we would be bigger than TED. Right now there are two of us with an operating budget of zero and no special skills.) and she accomplishes very little. I've tried giving her some feedback on her behaviour, but I haven't seen any change in results.

How can I train her to be more professional, realistic, and effective?

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The partnership.

I would dissolve the partnership and be done with it. With zero budget and no skills, why are you keeping it going?