I took a promotion but my new role is not meeting expectations.  The work is not as significant as it was advertised as being and there’s just not enough of it.  I’m looking for guidance on how to discuss this with my manager without offending her or coming across as complaining.

Two months ago I took a promotion to different group within my company.  The offer was presented as an opportunity to lead some of the largest and most important initiatives within the organization. Everything seemed great as I went through the interview process and all of the feedback I got from my network was that this was a big opportunity.  It was a shift from functional managmeent to program management but I felt like it was going to be my chance to make an impact, build a network, and make a name for myself. The reality is that it seems like the team was scaled up much faster than it should have been.  A few of us have little to no work and to make matters worse our boss is bringing on more resources.  I was assigned to a program that is coming to a close in a two months and the program team isn’t sure why I’m there or what my role is. The work I have been able to do for them is only taking a few hours a week.  When I’ve brought up my extra capacity with my boss I was given another project to support, this one seems to suffer its own set of issues.  It’s been a month and there hasn’t been a single meeting on it as the program team is constantly rescheduling (not exactly a high priority initiative).

I want to discuss these issues with my boss without appearing to accuse her of misleading me.  I’m also afraid that now that I’ve seen the work that this team is really doing that I won’t be interested in continuing with them.  I love the company and do not want to look externally. The company is large ~90,000 employees so there’s plenty of opportunity to move around but I don’t know how to approach another move when I’m only a few months into a this one.

Any guidance would be appreciated, thank you.