Hello! I've been listening to the podcasts and would like to start one-on-ones. 

I'm a little unsure how I should introduce it to my staff. "You're going to meet with me for a half hour. You can talk about whatever you want--your kitties or your work or your great grandmother. I just really want to get to know you!"

It just feels weird to me. And I think, if I were called in to my boss's office and told "Talk about whatever you want!" I might look at them like they were crazy.

I think the idea is great--just expressing it to my staff in a way that they will understand the point and what's expected of them.

Is there a podcast for this? I did not see one...

Thank you

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Cleoppa - here are three suggestions:

1.) There is a rollout podcast. Here's the link:

2.) You might want to consider purchasing a copy of "The Effective Manager" book. Link to it here:

3.) Consider getting the MT app and using the new RoadMap tool. Link to roadmap here:

Best of luck!