I recently took an executive version of the DISC assessment test through Afflink and I cannot find any data on my score type. I have a high DIC score that is perfectly balanced.  It reads like this, Natural D-67, I-67, S-32, C-67 Adapted D-77, I-60, S-17, C-28

My employer believes I cheated or the results are skewed and asked me to re-take the exam. They only get one chance to examine me. At least they stopped the anti-social remarks!

Any input would be appreciated!


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Not sure what you're asking for...  Weird scores happen from what I understand.  Not everyone is going to fit their standard profiles, they're just the most common distributions.

Just take it again.  I took it once, then blind (without access to my old answers) again long afterwards for something unrelated and got the exact same scores.  If you end up in the same boat it's probably accurate.

That said, unless they have reason to believe you would manipulate the answers it's pretty offputting that your employer would accuse you like that.  If their first conclusion after something unexpected is foul play of everyone else involved I'd think about shopping around.  Probably premature to say that, but it's a red flag.