An interesting web site was just started that lets you rate your boss or co-worker:

Article from CNN:,8599,1977982,00.html?hpt=T2

This has very interesting implications if it gains ground.


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Until someone sues them.

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After looking at the Time article, I think there is nothing good that can come from this service.  I suspect it will be used for slamming co-workers and not much else. 

I would further suggest that it many ways, it encourages behavior and values that are the polar opposite of what good managers and professionals should strive for.  Professionals own their relationships and seek to resolve differences directly. 

I agree the development will be interesting.  I think it is all bad news for any organization that starts to use it, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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Back in the dotcom heyday, The Vault was such a site.   Lots of nasty stuff got posted, and it was a poisonous atmosphere.  Almost no one went there to say "my company, my office, my boss, they're great!"   Naturally, it was dominated by complaints.  They had to completely revamp their business model, and now they're a "career intelligence" firm. 

John Hack