Hi All,

I am preparing for a revamp of my currently horrible weekly meetings and I have previously had some resistance to a model that includes status updates. Some team members believe the work they do day to day is not really that interesting/eventful and most of the work is not project based it just keeps things running smoothly (Admin roles, cleaning roles and finance role especially). 

When requesting status updates is there are format I should ask them to consider or headings that can be used to prompt them?  Sorry if this has been covered in a cast somewhere I am still working my way through listening to them all!


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Your team has metrics, I presume? Team members should report on their metrics (A/R, or whatever you use to measure performance).

Do you have programs to improve service (reduce outstanding invoices, or lower costs of cleaning supplies)? If so, progress on those programs.

If you don't have projects with milestones, metrics, or improvement programs, then status is of course hard to report.

If you do have those things in place, resistance might indicate that progress against goals isn't so good.


John Hack

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Hi John,


Thanks ,I think your summation that resistance might indicate that their progress against goals isn't too good is bang on!

I will sit down and look through their job descriptions etc to give them some indication of the content I expect.


Thanks again!