To Whom It May Concern:

After almost a year of complex merger activities (8 companies smooshed into one group within a global corporation), my new role has become official: My software team will be developing technology for and prototypes of our next-generation product. This is ideal for my team, and the opportunity to innovate is very exciting. There were times when it seemed we would be lost in the re-org shuffling.

So I’ll again sing the praises of the “Managing During Mergers and Acquisitions” podcasts (here: Of course, the entire M-T toolkit has been invaluable. Folks, this stuff works.

I’ve updated my occasional commentary and lessons learned here:

Thanks to Mark, Mike, and the M-T community for your generosity and support.


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Congratulations, John! I'm impressed by anyone who merely survives a year of mergers, let alone grows his opportunities and brings his team along with him. MT provides guidance, but you provide the courage and the hard work.

And . . . "smooshed" is my new favourite business terminology.

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That's so awesome, John. Congratulations!

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Great job John!

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That's phenomenal, John. Congratulations.

Also, GREAT write-up at the other thread, which I'd missed until now. You learned a lot, and I appreciate your sharing it.

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Hi John

Great stuff. It is doubly impressive that you navigated those choppy waters and also contributed huge amounts to the MT community. Very impressive. Thanks for a job well done!


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Congratulations John.

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John, that is awesome! I enjoyed your post.

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Good for you, John.

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Congratulations! I've been looking forward to hearing the news, as you've been hinting at it in some of your posts. Great opportunity to keep learning. And I'm looking forward to meeting you if we organize a NJ meetup.


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[quote="HMac"]...if we organize a NJ meetup.-Hugh[/quote]

Surely you mean WHEN!

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His name is Hugh, not Shirley! (Sorry. Never could resist that one, Steven.)

Big time congrats, John!

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From one who is concerned,

[b]BLUF:[/b] John, like M&M, your perspective about your role and corresponding behaviour is spot on.

I read the entire thread just now and found that your advice was terrific. An important factor in Management and everyday life is humility, which you refer to.
I am glad it has worked out for you, John. I have never gone through a re-org myself. I do feel however that the company I am working at now has gone through significant organizational changes that can be considered re-orgs.
I will listen to the podcasts and get going with the Briefing Book.
I have yet to find any recommendation from M&M that did not have some relevance to the work I do, or need to do and share with my team.