Hi all,

I recently interviewed for a role through a recruiting company - they sent me a full brief on the job including compensation and benefits.   Following two great interviews (largely thanks to the podcasts !), they offered the role to me at a lower amount than the role was advertised for.   I know how M&M feel about negotiating on compensation but this is a weird situation and I feel like I need to discuss this with them - any advice?

I have thanked them for the offer and told them I would think it over and come back to them. 

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I'd be inclined to say something like, "I'm afraid I was expecting an offer in line with the range given in the job advertisement for this position.  Are you able to shed any light on the discrepancy?"  If I was unwilling to accept the offer at the salary offered, I'd add something to that effect in there as well.

At the end of the day, though, they've made you an offer, and *why* it's different from the advertisement is a lot less important than whether or not you can live with the salary.  Is there any reason you can think of for the difference that would make you more or less likely to take the job?  If not, then you're asking for your own interest, not in an attempt to better understand the offer and come to a decision about whether or not to move forward, and I might be inclined to leave it alone (or not -- I'm a terribly curious person by nature...)