I had a big pile of washing up to be done this morning and listened to the excellent Chris Parry (x rear admiral) who 'uses the US Army's oral history archive to tell the story of the Iraq war'

Archive on 4-Iraq Tales: What the Army Learned

As I listened to the program the similarity to business was striking and something I had never really considered this thoroughly. (the business of war i guess)

Many of the conclusions pointed to improving training, the importance of  good management, intelligent, well thought out goals, the logistical wherewithal, well trained suport staff and processes you will be more likely to succede. 

In this case, It turns out there is also some big thanks to lucky circumstances too.  If you get iPlayer where you are I would highly sugest you give it a listen.



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Apart from the obvious formative experiences that shaped Mark and Mike's approach to management and leadership, I've found a lot of useful information from US Army publications.  ADRP 6-22, "Army Leadership" (Google can give you both the original document and a lot of collateral material) is a great guide to both being a leader and training leaders.  The Army influence on MT guidance is more than a little obvious when you read through that manual.

I've also recently been recommended, "Hope is Not a Method", by a couple of the men who modernised the US Army in the early '90s.  I haven't read it yet, so I can't give a personal recommendation, but it certainly appears to promise the goods.

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Along these lines, read Moving Mountains by William Pagonis, the general responsible for logistics in the first Gulf War. It's more about leadership, than war.

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 I had a listen to the programme on iPlayer and you're right, it's pretty eye opening! I've also just bought the book Moving Mountains and I'm looking forward to reading it. 

Thanks for sharing your recommendations :)


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Thanks for the recommendations for the iPlayer programme and book.

I can recommend the US Army publication:  Pamphlet 600-67 Effective Writing for Army Leaders. I believe it was recommended in on of the Podcasts. It has great guidelines on sentence length, use of active voice and long words.  I have found this very useful in my business writing - particulary as many of the readers have english as a second language.