I have a couple of vacant positions that will be filled in the coming months, so I've been listening to the First Meeting With New Direct series of 'casts.

One of the positions does not report to me, however I see some value in covering the topics in the first meeting with a new direct to set a tone for the whole team. Remembering though that it's not a good idea to conduct one on ones with skips, I thought I'd conduct the meetings with my report (the new employee's boss) present.

It might help to explain that my unit has 7 people in total. 2 are managers who report to me. There is an accountant who also reports to me. One of the managers has 4 reports, the other manager has 2 reports.

Since I didn't have the benefit of Mgr Tools when I hired my reports, I'm not sure that the message would be conveyed properly if I just did some notes for the manager who's my report and had them cover it with their new report.

What do folks here think?