This may seem like a stupid question...I'm not sure. But, recently, my boss decided that he wanted all of us on the sales floor (he--the store manager--and I--the assistant manager--included). I've never used one, but it looks like a small wallet. What I'm going to do is describe it and tell you what I normally carry. And I'd like to get suggestions on if I should attempt to combine the functions of wallet and business card case.

OK. So, the case has a clear window pocket on the inside on one side. On the other side it has 3 pockets--one is expandable and the other 2 are not. It also has a pocket on the outside.. 

I normally carry these items: ID, soc. sec. card, two loyalty cards, blood type card, library card, debit card and a small plastic token. Also, I need to have on hand at least, say, 10-15 business cards.



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Why combine your wallet and business card case?

You'll be carrying the card case on the sales floor in order to give out business cards. Fill it with cards to give out, or fill one side and keep the other side empty for cards you receive.

Your wallet, with all its personal stuff, should be elsewhere -- so you can't accidentally give someone your library card instead of a business card... or spill all your personal stuff on the floor.

For years I carried a metal business card case in a front pocket and kept my wallet in a back pocket.

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 I agree with flexiblefine: keep these separate. You don't want to pull out and fumble with your wallet. It can get lost or spill things out.

Use a separate business card case. Think of it as a way to show some personal style as well: metal, wood or plastic? color? branded or with a neat texture or plain? fancy or plain? bulky or minimalistic? It's another way to show something about yourself.

Always keep an emergency business card in your wallet, but use a case for your main supply. It has a classier feel, even if you go with an otherwise unexceptional case.