I have been listening to Manager Tools podcast for two months now, and also taken some basic Manager Tools into use within my organization (such as the "brainstorming" tool the way introduced here and some others).

These casts have really helped me to look around my corporate environment from many new angles (especially coming from corporate culture of Northern Europe), and I want to thank Manager Tools for these great casts, these very effective manager tools and for "opening my eyes again".

As the volume of Manager Tools podcasts and topics already cover quite wide area of management activities, I am now thinking about what is the most effective use for me for this great Manager Tools "toolbox".

If thinking "outside the box", any great professional always has his/her tools organized in the most effective way, e.g. a police officer or a lawyer looks at his/her daily/weekly/monthly/yearly recurring or planned tasks and organizes his/her tools accordingly.

What is the most effective Manager Tools way of using Manager Tools "toolbox of podcasts"?

Many of the podcast topics go hand-in-hand, many of the management tools are most effective if used together with another tool, some of the tools perhaps are best to be kept separated and not used at same occasions.. looking at the podcasts from a practical ground level management view, each cast is building the stack of management best practise one-by-one..

One way of looking at this toolbox is by looking at using this wide spectrum of manager tools grouped by management activities towards different directions. By this I mean grouping the "tools within the toolbox" into management tools towards "external/customer relationship management" activities, one set of tools to be used "internally" to manage the teams which report to you, or within the organization with internal customers, one set of tools internally-horizontally with your peers, and not to forget the "tools" which to use to shape your own internal thinking without any specific management tool directed outside your own behaviour.
Does this make any sense or should one simply absorb the "complete picture" while using, listening, thinking and corresponding around Manager Tools, and at the same time raise ones expertise & knowledge around stack of tools by "eating the cake one slice at the time"?

If looking at ones calendar one/two/three weeks ahead and looking at different workshops, meetings and events, how to make the most effective "tool selections" which to go through once again for the specific time-period? For a specific one-on-one or e.g. brainstorming session the steps are clear, but e.g. for some workshops the "tool selection" to go through might be much wider.
This is of course only when you havent yet introduced the whole spectrum of manager tools already into your organization, and when you are taking small steps towards building a stronger and more effective "operating models" and best practises within your organization :)

How to make most effective use of the manager tools "toolbox" after you have taken the knowledge within you by stepping along the chronological steps in the podcast archive?

What is the best way of using Manager Tools in Manager Tools way? :)

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I've been thinking about the same thing. I think I'm going to buy a couple of large, blue, three-ring binders.

I will organize the casts into categories like management (one-on-ones, skips, performance appraisals, etc.), communication (presentations, handshakes, DiSC, etc), effectiveness (e-mail, Admin, etc.), organizational (meetings, inviewing, M&A, layoffs, etc.), career (recruiters, resume, etc.), and other (parties, groups, meals, etc. plus additional Mike & Mark content like other presentations)

For each cast, I will create an audio CD and include my own show notes and/or material provided on the MT website eventually to include all of the premium content.

The front of the binder will contain a catalog and a complete library of all casts in MP3 format on CD.

This will be the ultimate manager's toolbox and a great resource for evangelizing Manager Tools. If someone has a question, I can show them the material and simply say, "Go to the website. Sign up. It's free. Listen to the casts and look at the material and come back to discuss it."