I'm currently developing a new training programme in delivering our service, and want to use the MT approach of focusing on behaviour to the greatest extent possible.

Has anyone done this successfully*, and if so, what tips can you give me?

So far, I am focusing on the following:
• Identifying the specific behaviours required
• Integrating step-by-step procedures to be followed
• Providing a roll-out calendar with deadlines

However, I don’t want this to become too unwieldy and end up with a lot of forms to be checked off to ‘prove’ that our new processes are being followed.

This is external training, for retailers that are taking on our service as part of their offering to clients.

All feedback welcome.


* That wasn't a dig at Mike and Mark - of course they do it successfully ALL the time. ;)

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Is there a proxy for the behavior? (as per the Manager Tools Goals podcasts of the last month).

Proxies can be very useful for situations where it's the cumulative effect of many behaviors that you're looking for.


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Oooh! That sounds good.

I'm still playing catchup on the podcasts, but I'll get onto the goals ones this week.

Thanks for the suggestion. :)