Question:  How do I best use the trinity with clients and subcontractors.

My company is the prime contractor on a multi-year contract with subcontractors.  In my role I am a project manager assigned to lead a project with a client counterpart and subcontractors.

My client counterpart was assigned to me by her supervisor and in a private meeting I was asked to help the person develop.  My counterpart’s supervisor see the person as being promoted  too soon and not mature.  I working with the person in the last 3 months I agree.  They have failed to execute tasks or understand the purpose of the project. How do I best coach my client counterpart?

I have multiple subcontractors matrixed to me for the project.  I would like to develop them to take on more responsibility and be accountable for the line of operation they are assigned.  Thus far I have been wary of O3s since they are a sub.

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PMO3's (Project manager O3's).

Basically, it's just like standard O3's, except without the "future" or "coaching" aspect.