Mike and Mark (and everyone else),

I have two questions:

1) Is this in keeping with the use policy for the podcasts?

2) If you had to whittle it down to a list of 10ish topics to have soon to be front line managers listen to and discuss - what would they be?

I have been tossing around an idea in my head for a while.  I wanted to get your feedback / suggestions on it and make sure it is in keeping with your use policy for the podcasts.

I would like to use selected topics from your podcasts to spur a professional discussion with soon to be Ensigns in the Coast Guard.  I plan to have them listen to a topic (i.e. note taking, note taking in your new job, a notebook and a pen) and then disucss with them how they can apply it to their current position and their first billet after they graduate from the academy.  The format would be about 30-45 min discussion once a month with them listening to the next podcast(s) in time for the next meeting the following month.

After listening to many of the podcasts from career and manager tools I have found a ton of topics that would have assisted me over the early part of my career.  I would have an audience of about 30 seniors (first class cadets) that I would be talking with at 7 in the morning.

I have a couple topics in mind.  One primary one is the murder of the unchosen alternative cast.  I feel like that is one main weakness I have seen with the new professionals we have been producing.  I would like to hear any other casts that people believe are the most valuable and what order you would have them listened to.   I have to admit I am also interested in hearing everyone's top 10 podcasts  that they wish they had listened to!

My ultimate hope is that the students will like the podcasts so much they continue to listen on their own.

-Joe Brown
DiSC 7117