Any advice on the various management certifications? The two that come to mind are the Institute of Certified Professional Managers and the Project Management Institute. Is the material good? Are certifications worth anything in the marketplace? I know the value in technical certs, but what about management? I've also toyed with a Masters in Management but that is a long term commitment which at the current point in my life is not realistic. Thoughts?

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NO on the management side. Here's a thread that addresses this VERY directly:

On the other hand, PMI is highly regarded, in the tech world, for PM roles, and its programs are very good and provide good utility.

There is no management certification worth ANYTHING other than an MBA from a Top 20 school.


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Thank you for the advice. I'll steer away from CM. PMI is something I'll consider for the future. It would take me in a very different direction in my career.

I will pass on getting my MBA from Wharton. 1) I don't think I'd get in! 2) That's a serious life commitment that I'm unwilling to undertake at this point. 3) My company won't pay for it! They stopped paying for Wharton when they realized everyone was leaving for big bucks. Wharton grads run companies, not individual projects!

I suppose going for my MS in Engineering Management from Drexel is also not a great investment. Certainly, getting any Masters is worth while. But it certainly doesn't have the cache of Wharton. And, I was looking for something more "practical" like what I get from Manager-Tools! You guys should have a certification course! :wink:

PS: Thanks for remembering my name. I saw I didn't leave it in my original post.