Training i know, is covered in some aspects in the podcasts.But my question relates to the end result.
For myself we are encouraged to undertake training whether internal , external ; during or outside work hours and whether C.B.T, I.L.T or O.T.J.

Question - What value is their really in taking a bunch of C.B.T courses for example , if you don't measure the learning in some way, just put it to use.
But it is obviously better for training that leads to a recognised qualification/ certification.

How then should we plan our training for our career. Just pick a bunch ofcourses and look for work experience ?

The purpose of my question is to invite feedback from any one who has created a training plan for themselves, that leads seamlessly to work experience and some form of recognised/measurable qualification.

Is it necessary or a good thing to look for training qualifications.
Or in the same way that the purpose of a CV is to get you to an interview. A CV may be acknowledged as a good/perfect/successfull CV against no single bench mark, but peer review or experienced eyes, so long as it gets you the interview, it's served its purpose.

Bottom Line: What is the most effective view to take of your own training for your career ?