Hi fellow experienced managers,

Need your kind help to make an important career decision. I will keep it as short as possible.
I’m working in a big asset management company (Company A), which is currently undergoing cost-cutting. There has been 2 rounds of layoffs done recently.  My Manager, John, told me that it was likely that there would be more coming unless the sale pick up nicely, which is very unlikely. He is so nice that he said he would give us some signs if the layoff impact us directly.
Yesterday, I was given an offer by a similar company (company B), similar role and job level.
I am very clear. I prefer staying at company A because here my key role is Strategy and Planning, which is my career objective. And, I have just stayed here for 2yrs. I don’t want to be jumpy. Plus, I always think there is opportunity if you can stay in a company after restructure, e.g. more lean structure, more chances to promote in the future.
Don’t get me wrong. Company B is still a good opportunity. Its operation is even more sizeable than Company A. However, my role there will be mostly everything in marketing, even including stock management for marketing material. I still can involve in strategy and planning, but it is only one of my ten job duties…
My Question: Should I ask John’s opinion for leave or stay?
Pros: John is a nice guy. He also involve in the cost-cutting project. If he knows and tells me that I am going to be layoff, I can accept the offer from Company B.
Cons: Because my preference is clear company A, if I disclose my intention to leave, John may target on me if he need to layoff one guy from his team or at least he may have bad impression on me..
Your advice will be very very much appreciated.

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Even if you are not on the line for a layoff, the fact that you are considering to move may be remembered until your old age and e.g. preclude you from a future promotion.

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Years in or longer is not being jumpy. You left out some information to help others give you advise.

Such as:

How stable is company B? Are they laying off too.

What is the job market like in your area?

What stage are you in your career; beginning, middle or end?

Do what is best for you, for the company will certainly do what is best for them.





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Asking for an honest assessment of your status does not have to include you mentioning that you're considering another company.

By the way - how many rounds of layoffs has "Company B" gone through?  Is it a relatively "safe" move?


Last thought (sorry if this is disjointed):  Take a cold, hard look at Company A's future.  You say there have been two rounds of layoffs, with another projected if sales don't pick up.  That doesn't sound very healthy.  Listen to the "Race Don't Chase" podcast immediately - and ask yourself the hard questions about your current company.  Sounds like they're chasing, not racing.


Good luck!

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It's your call.  What would you do if there no layoffs pending?  

A general rule for job changes is that you should choose to GO somewhere, not LEAVE somewhere.  The destination is more important than your point of departure.  

Ken's point is a good one: is company B any better off than company A?  The Asset Management  sector is having trouble right now.  

John Hack

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Sorry guys.  I was so busy this week and did not have time to say thank you.

Thanks for all suggestion.  It really clear my thoughts.  I already turned down the offer.  Stay and work hard in my current position.


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We appreciate knowing what you decided.  Please let us know how things work out.  

Good luck! 

John Hack