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I enjoyed the video conference 'cast. I have never been in a video meeting before so I learned some things that will certainly come in handy when I do participate in one. Question to Mark, Mike and the group: is it appropriate to mention in my first video interview that it [i]is[/i] my first? Based on Mike's comment at the end of the 'cast I would say no. On the other hand, if I think about it from the interviewer's standpoint, I'd ask if it was the first time and I would be impressed if someone prepared well for the first one.

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NO, unless you're asked. Then it would show well. I think that if the firm is using the technology, they think of it as no big deal (as it always is with newer technologies).

If they ask and you say yes, and you do well, "well done you!"


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 Any tips for someone going though their first interview via webcam?

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