First of all, thanks for the great [url=]podcast.[/url] In combination with a few other ones it has already helped me tremendously in improving the way I work with my remotly spread out team.

One thing I miss though is the pdf with an agenda for a face to face meeting to get to know each other. I've been doing my best to look under every stone this site can provide. Found a lot of other interesting stuff, but not what I was looking for. Did I miss anything or has it gone missing? Would really love to get my hands on Mr Horstman's "favorite simple (and sneakily good) tool." ;)


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Thanks for reposting this. I actually was looking for it also.

In this vein, I don't want to steal from Rasmus here but I wanted to ask about the use of this tool in a pre-formed team.

I have been told that I may be promoted to another level of management and as such I will be having more people under me. This team has been operating for quite some time but they are now reporting directly to me instead of being team members for another manager. Would this system work when you are managing a new team yet the team has been working together previously?

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Thanks John!

Was not what I was looking for, but definitely a cast I'll recommend to my directs managing a local team. I'm looking for something along the lines:

"Arrange For The Team To Meet
– 2-3 Days...Introductions And Bonding...
– ...Working On Groundrules
– Repeat Annually"

taken from the show notes, some things edited out in order to not post the entire show note in the forum (I don't know how sensitive this is?) but still be able to tell what I'm after.

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Is bumping considered unethical?

I still am very keen on reading that document

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I don't have what I think you're looking for. Did you try the Meeting Agendas podcasts?


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Indeed. I love that podcast and try to adhere to it as much as possible. I really appretiate you trying to find what I am looking for, however, I am afraid only Mark or Mike can help me, since it's about a specific document directly related to the show.

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I think you're looking for the cast on " December 2005 Member-Only Podcast -- The Meeting Introduction" where we walk through an exercise we regularly use for introducing meeting participants to each other. You 'll find that cast here:

I hope that helps!

Best Regards,

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Ah, yep. Had a quick re listening to the virtual teams podcast and realized I had over interpreted the tool to be not only about the introduction but about the entire agenda.

Thank you!