I will be receiving a job offer for a new internal position. As with previous internal offers, the HR rep will sit down with me offer me the position and present the offered salary.

Should I accept the offered salary if it is reasonable? What sort of negotiating tactics exist for a "low-ball" offer.

I don't want to overvalue myself, I just want to receive a fair & reasonable wage.

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I would not make waves about it now. Kick butt in your new opportunity for a year or so and approach it from a position of proven strength. I would not take the chance of tainting your new gig with a push for more coin now.

It does not matter what you make in the next 12 months, it matters what you will be able to contribute and thus earn in 5+ years. If you are a rising star, you will be underpaid for quite some time. Have faith that these things will catch up with you in time.

Hope that helps!

After searching the forums, I think I found my answer.