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Waiting for a job offer is cruel...
Two weeks ago, I had a full-day interview for a great business position at a large technology company. The HR recruiter called me right back the day after the interview to congratulate me and told me the hiring manager wants to move ahead with my candidacy (references, background screening). He also acknowledged that my expected salary range is within their range. 
Reference checks went well according to my references. HR told me that they are still waiting for me to clear the background screening. They also told me that my hiring manager needs to "discuss next steps" with his boss (whatever that means). Unfortunately, his boss was out-of-office last week so I am hoping to hear back from them this week.
Can somebody shed light on the "general job offer process" and average time from last interview to receipt of the ACTUAL job offer (oral or letter)? It's been almost 2.5 weeks since they told me they would offer me something but things moved slowly I feel.

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Have you followed-up with a handwritten Thank You note?

There is great, step-by-step guidance in: The Interviewing Series

If I recall, the advice, after the handwritten TY notes, is to follow-up by phone or email once per week. The Interviewing Series goes into more detail about how to frame the notes or conversations.  Stay positive and stay professional! You cannot rush their processes.

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But it's probably not unheard of.  There are thousands of reasons (legitimate or not) for these kinds of delays.

As TLHAUSMANN says, keep following up.  Don't you dare get impatient in your follow-up messages -- that could end things immediately.

In the meantime, keep interviewing elsewhere -- until you have the offer, you have nothing.  You have no obligation to give this company any preferential treatment.  If they lose you to another opportunity, that's the risk they run in dragging their feet.

Good luck!