Greetings! How long should I wait to hear back from HR about a transfer request? I spoke with our Director of HR last week about changing to a location closer to my home. He said he would let me know but I have not heard from him yet. Is a week too soon to call him or should I wait until he does call me back? Any input/ guidance is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I can imagine this kind of thing taking a significant amount of time.  I usually find things like this 2-5 times longer than I would expect.  I would not wait silently, but it varies so much on the exact situation.  I do not think a week is too long. If I were being asked for a transfer by one of my staff - and someone did a followup sooner than a week after the intital request (which has happened) - I get annoyed.  If someone waits longer than two weeks I wonder if it is a true goal or an afterthought because they found me in the hallway.  I would imagine followup similar to MT guidance in the Interview Series could be beneficial - tailored to the specifics of a transfer.