Hi everyone, hi Mark, hi Mike,

I have a strange question:

in one podcast Mark said he has a super slim wallet (a card holder not a real wallet).

I am curious about it. I am still looking for the best solution..

unfortunately haven't found it yet, since I really hate bulky wallet!

Has anyone some good advice?






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I picked this up a few weeks ago and have been really happy with it:

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Check out the Bellroy range of wallets - they're a little more money than average, but very good quality.  I got the Slim Wallet a month ago and I love it.

(The videos on the website are good too - they get you thinking about how to slim down the wallet)

You could also go the card holder or card holder with attached money clip options.   Lots of people make them.

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 thanks so much!!

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I bought this after Christmas and have been very pleased.

I usually carry 6 - 8 bills folded in the middle, ID, health insurance card, two debit cards and 1 loyalty card which more than covers my daily needs.  For the rest of my loyalty cards I now use the LifeLock wallet app on my iPhone.


Hope this helps!



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I keep both my wallet and phone all in one.

A minimalist wallet forces you to carry only what is effective to your needs, the combination above accomplishes both effective wallet size and my family can always reach me.

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Levenger ( has a great series of options for wallets and card carriers. I'm partial to their bomber jacket line.

Also, if you're a paper-and-pen person, they've got some great options.

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I currently have a Koyono Slimmy wallet and it is great, if not a touch expensive. Check them out at their site, they have a bunch of options.



EDIT: Forget my expensive comment, I just took a look at all the sites mentioned above and the Slimmy is really cheap by comparison. Go check it out.