BLUF: Was mentioning weekly O3 meetings in an interview a mistake?

I interviewed for a job this week and just received a rejection email. I thought the interview went relatively well and the Interviewing series certainly helped me prepare some good answers that I think were effective. However one of the questions that I think didn't go down well was about my management style. Part of my answer was about me being as communicative as possible with my team, and that I had introduced weekly O3 meetings with each of my directs.

My answer drew a surprised look from the HR guy on the panel, and he asked in a surprised voice "You have a weekly meeting with your 6 directs?". I responded that I found that those meetings actually save me time as my directs no longer feel the need to knock on my door in between those times, and the 30 mins per week is time well spent in improving relationships and communication.

Despite my best efforts, I fear that he thought I spent my whole time in internal meetings rather than doing 'useful work'. Was I wrong to mention the O3s in an interview without knowing if they are a convert to the idea?

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BLUF: No, especially if it's the truth :).

I think your answer to the query great: it improves relationships, it saves time, and it's communication that would have happened anyway. Too bad for them, maybe they aren't on board yet and you could have been an influencing change for them.

3hrs / week in one on ones is an incredible time investment. You can influence the next 237 hours of work (39.5 / direct * 6). 


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Perhaps the HR rep saved you some trouble. Although it would have been a feather in your cap to sell this efficiency to their organization, if they don't get O3s by now, they might be challenged in becoming a high-performing organization. Although Fortune 500s aren't know for their speed, even they get it and every one I've worked for embraces them.

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Can only agree with the two previous guys.

It really is only a fraction of the total time the team is working.  It saves you time.  It reduces interruptions.  And it builds a stronger team willing to face future adversity together with commitment energy rather than compliance energy.

Perhaps it is not the best place for you.

Kind regards



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I think it's easy to second guess your answers in an interview. How could you have known in advance that their response would be negative? Maybe at another place that could be the lynch pin for you getting the job. "Wow, he already does O3s. He is very experienced and knows what's important." Another thing that occurs to me is you didn't say much about the interviewers body lanugage or their response but maybe they were trying to see if you could be pushed off of your position with a little pressure. 

Also, I think it's important to talk about the things you value most in an interview because that's how you screen out companies that don't fit with your values. If you really value O3s then you should talk about them to screen out places that think they are a waste of time. 


Best luck on your search!


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Thanks all. I would actually do the same again because I genuinely believe that it is the best use of my time. And of course I might have mis-read his response and it was all my other responses that they weren't so impressed with!

The job opportunity came up quickly so I hadn't put in the preparation time suggested in the interviewing series. I'm now meeting a friend weekly to support each other so that I will be much more prepared when the next opportunity comes up whether that's next month or next year.