So I am looking for advice. I am not sure if I should continue pursing manager level positions or not.

I have spent 17 years in IT Ops. I know Microsoft products very well. I was hired here almost 2 years ago. To take over managing the IT Ops and working as a Network Administrator. Within the first week of being here I was told they wanted to fire one of the people below me (I agree he was very lazy and did everything to not work). I realize now after listening to the podcasts that I made some huge mistakes.They also expected me to install Lync 2013 as a phone system (a project that had sat idle for a year prior.) I knew nothing about Lync as a phone system but boy did I learn.

1. I had only managed one person in my previous company and the person who was mentoring me left the company. I thought I could do it in a new company so I took this position. So I had to try and learn to be a full fledged manager with no mentor and learning a new company and software. Not smart.

2. I was not sure how we could fire this person we have no policies for just about anything. This kid was late at least 2 or 3 times a week. But there was no policy for putting it in place When I tried to push this issue by setting it as IT policy I got push back. The kid hid in all parts of the company to avoid working. I did not know who turn to for advice on how to handle this. We did end up firing him a year ago. I was then demoted and re-assigned to someone else in the company. I very rarely have conversations with this person because he hates meetings. I never been given any goals or direction so I am just fixed and proposed what I thought should be upgraded.

3. I finally had a review after 1 and 1/2 years. I was asked where I wanted to be in 2 to 3 years. I stated IT manager. I have learned a lot from the podcasts and I have recognized ways I have failed. Like weekly one on ones I should have done from that from the get go. I would like to be a manager but I would like to find a coach or mentor. I am looking for a new job as we speak because this is not a good fit. I need more feedback and support then I am getting. Where does someone find that person?

4. I have a social anxiety, I am a high S with a lot C type traits so this may have not help in all this mess.

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Hi Douglas

Sounds to me like you've learnt a huge amount about yourself and managing others through these experiences. I really feel for you, it can be so difficult not knowing what to do or who to turn to. And yet you haven't given up or blamed everyone else. You've looked at yourself and what you could have done differently. So first up, well done! For having a go, for taking time to review and reflect on what happened and for not giving up your ambitions.

With this kind of attitude, I think you can learn the strategies, tools and techniques to be an outstanding manager. Much harder to learn is the kind of self-awareness and ability to reflect that you've already got. 

My advice? Don't give up. We need more people like you in management.


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Hi Douglass ,

Gemma is absolutely spot on. Almost no one is shown how to manage people when they are first given management responsibility. Without some guidance, most of us make mistakes. I know I made a lot early in my career, and I still make mistakes now (just less frequently and with more insight into what I'm doing wrong and how I may correct).

Hang in there. Management is a set of behaviours that can be learned and practiced. Anyone willing to put in the necessary effort can achieve great results as a Manager. The good news is that you've come to the right place to learn about what those effective behaviours are. Your future directs are going to love you.

Kind regards