I'm having even more difficulty with waterfall meetings as I do with One-On-Ones ( I see the value of them. But just getting with each team member has proven to be a huge juggling feat. Getting all of them in the same room for 90 minutes every week is just something that I'm not sure I see happening. It's not because we're "too busy." It's because they are with customers for most of week and those customers are paying a lot of money for them to be there. Like I said, I see the value of both One-On-Ones and waterfall meetings. I just can't figure out the logistics to making them happen.


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I read your other post about O3's and this and there's a theme to your issues. I completely understand the pressure of billable time and I think you may need to take a small investment for your teams medium and long term success.

If each one of your team billed two, thirty minute slots to overhead and your performance went up over a six month period, would you accept any pressures from above to discontinue this?

Relationships are paid for by investing minutes and hours in people over days and months. 

Hope this gives you a starting point