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It's taken me all day (been in meetings) to get to where I could post this, but I for one am very excited about the new product, and very appreciative of Wendii's participation.

If you haven't heard the Resume Update 2008 'cast yet, I won't spoil it for you. If you have, ask yourself, at this price if you're looking for a new position, can you afford [u]not[/u] to take advantage of the offer?

So thank you, Wendii, for being part of this, and for all you've contributed to the Manager Tools forums.


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I second Tom's comments. Wendii is indeed a very special person.


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Such praise from Mark and Mike. Very impressive! Way to go Wendii!

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Wendii: I have to add my thanks too for your contributions to make the Manager-Tools community the great resource that it is. Much appreciated!


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As someone who already has received a resume review from Wendii -- I would say it's definitely worth the $50 they charge for the service.

Nice job M&M&W!

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MT(UK) Ltd :!: Well done Wendii.

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Thank you everyone, for the public (and private) comments. We're very excited about the resume service, and personally, I'm finding it very rewarding to be helpful.

Thanks :-)


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Way to go Wendii. As soon as I blow the dust off my resume, I'm sending it in for the full MT treatment.

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I got her review on Friday... it was jam packed with excellent information. I'm going to spend tomorrow reworking per her recommendations and then resend.

Best $50 I ever spent, period.

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Congrats Wendii.
Based on the detailed and well written responses I have seen you write in the forums I know you will excel with this new offering.