I'm using the Google Desktop Gadeget RSS aggregrator and frequently get the above error for Manager tools. I'm using this RSS URL

I'm sure there is. Can someone recommend a better aggregrator?


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This is the main feed

All the feeds are listed in the bottom left of the main page.

The google feedreader gadget works OK for me but I much prefer the actual Google Reader - it's just that my work setup blocks the Reader but not the gadget.

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I've had pretty good success with Newsgator Online and their Inbox (Outlook) tool as generic RSS readers.

I don't consume podcasts though using them. I get my podcasts via iTunes.


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Jim and Steve,
Thanks for the information. I can't believe I didn't see the RSS feed link on the main page. Newsgator looks interesting. I'm going to have to play with the free vewsion for a bit.