On I got to join a 'webinars'.
5.000+ people login, listen, look at the sheets and chat to ask questions. This is all live.

I thought it was quite an experience !


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It might be fun to get the score of:

Most users ever online was[b] 223[/b] on 27 Jun 2007 17:11 GMT

quite a bit higher :idea:


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how long does it takes because im quite busy and got no time for that

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it takes the same time, only the first time is live and a couple of thousand people join in to get the info and participate in some Q&A.

In the other web-inar you also got to see the sheets live. I liked it a lot.


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Thanks for the link to
I ma reading Tom Womack's book now, very useful for our manufacturing business.

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the webinar is about what topic?

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My wife did this webinar with Oprah that had like 8 zillion people at once on it. It actually worked! Tech has come a long way....

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Webinars are great! We use them a lot in my business and for different reasons:
- sales webinars where we do demos of our products to prospective customers
- educational webinars where we teach people about topics related to our industry
- internal company meetings where we share documents and collaborate

It would be an interesting experience to have a Manager Tools webinar, and have Mark and Mike host it... maybe one day?