I believe in recovery and "Work hard through week and party harder", but I have a probelm.

Often i move less important, less mind draining tasks through the week to Sundays. However, I almost never touch what I plan for weekend and I do it Mondays. I then feel bad on Mondays. 

Has anyone experienced this ? I should either have a strong 'Why' to do it weekends or simply not plan.


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It's all about discipline.

I'm not being judgemental. My nature is to procrastinate too. Over the years I've learned to take care of things as soon as I possibly can. Gotta make that awkward phone call? Dive for the phone and get it over with. Gotta do that boring bookwork? Sit down and get it done. Follow the rule that your first action every day should be the thing you least want to do.

When you do that, instead of the depressed feeling of unpleasant, unfinished tasks hanging over your head, you'll feel much more comfortable, optimistic, and in control. Make yourself get the stuff done right away, and it will naturally be self-reinforcing.

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Moving tasks to Sunday ?  Are you talking about home related tasks or work related tasks ?

If they are work related tasks ...

I'd suggest moving them to another time slot during the week.  Move them to a time when your energy is low and you feel a little burnt by high level tasks.  Perhaps ... Wednesday afternoons. 
The mindless activities will give you a break.

Leave Sundays for Family, Friends, and God

and also do a little planning for the work week on Sunday evening; not more than that.


M-T Podcast : 

Sunday Evening Planning 

Good Luck


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Thank you.  Using asana for task management currently.



- To keep weekends clean and for family and recovery.

- To not handle this depression feeling later.


1. I will try tackling them sooner during week

2.  If not step 1, perhaps Friday afternoon or anytime sooner 


Will keep posted on progress.