I have several director level DRs but one direct who is not a manager at all. His role is more of a PM. These directors have managers and supervisors that report to them. My question is: Should I include him (the non-manager) in weekly staff meetings?

I have two concerns:

1. There may be discussions about personnel issues that are no business of the non manager. In fact, I can probably guarantee it. I am very transparent with my directors on all personnel issues since there is room for movement among my department's different areas... We find a better fit in some other area, etc.

2. It will look like this person gets "special privilege"  with being involved in upper management meetings. This one is less of an issue but I don't want any appearance of favoritism.

What is the collective wisdom surrounding my concerns? I haven't found any casts or forum posts that discuss this. If I've missed it, please direct me!

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Hi :


* I reccomend that you separate your concept of (A) O3's, (B) Staff Meetings and (C) Manager's meetings


* The Weekly Staff meetings include lots of folks and are usually only 45 mins long - and then I hold a "Part 2" Staff meeting for various staff projects or sub-groups for an additional 45 mins. 

- Those staff members that are part of a project or sub-group stick around for an additional 45mins -- those staff members that are not part of the project or sub-group are dismissed from the meeting.

There is nothing wrong with dismissing your non-manager DR when the time comes to discuss other matters.


* Once a month the Part 2 Sub-Group is a Manager's (only) Meeting.


I have 5 DR's.

3 of them are managers

My Dept has - 5 Managers  -- 2 of them report to one of my DRs.


* Each week I have O3's with each of my DRs.

* Each week there is an "All Hands" Staff meeting that includes the entire Dept staff -- including my skips one and two levels down (mandatory for folks who are in the office that day - voluntary for those who wish to come on their off-shift hours).

* Once a month I have a Part 2 "manager's" meeting.  This includes my DR managers and any of thier Manager DRs - So this is also a Skip meeting for me.

At the monthly Manager's we discuss managerial matters and issues


- Everybody knows this structure it is open, transparent, and fair.  


There is nothing wrong with dismissing your non-manager DR when the time comes to discuss other matters.


I hope this idea helps.


Good Luck