Hi All,

I'm quite new to Manager Tools, and I'm finding it hugely valuable. I became a people manager about 4 years ago with big teams, several team leaders, and in an organisation that was highly focused on people and results - and did it really well. It was a great start, but now I've moved on to a Govt. management role where things are very different. I've found listening to Manager Tools has helped me stay on track & keep a structure with what I believe in in terms of managing people.

So I did my DISC profile, and I found I'm very neutral. I'm a just a five D (but only just up from a four), and a three I (but only just down from a four), and a four S & C. In other words my line isn't far off flat.

I'd love to get some more experienced peoples' input in to what you think that says about me as a manager.

Thanks in advance

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There are times in everyone's career when the behaviors for D, i, S, or C need to shift.  I would imagine you will have an easier time adjusting your management behaviors to suit your different employees.  I also assume you would be a more natural fit to a wider range of groups (bosses, peers, and directs).  

I am a High D/C (7125).  I have put a lot of effort into I and S behaviors, but I still find myself doing D behaviors with S's and sometimes I just can't keep up with the I's.  When I get hurried (meeting disease) I am particularly prone to devolve back into my natural pushy state.  When I know my action list is tied to my vision I am able to focus on behaving like an I.

Since you have nothing to "devolve" to, I imagine you fitting in more naturally with all different types and being more readily flexible and malleable based on your own behavioral objectives.  Of course, the human experience is more nuanced than four letters can facilitate, but I would assume you are most likely to be more natural with a wide range of staff.

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Hi guys,

Thank you for sharing your experience, I can identify with both of you to some extent. Opinions like these make these forums a great source of knowledge for the newer ones. I also agree that individual approach is better and I often find it naturally but I need to put more work for handling critical situations - when it's important and explanations don't work I am guilty in going to a pushy state.

William, do you have some particular resources and advices for critical situations handling without being pushy?

Thank you both again and regards,

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I have recently discovered the Effective Relationship Series and started using its advice.  In particular for me, I have looked at "I'm a D, my direct is a C" and "I'm a D, my direct is a S" for advice on avoiding "pushy mode."  One not-so-easy tact is to slow down my speech.  For example, I count to 2 when my S's are done speaking before I start.  More often than not, they continue - which means I would have been interrupting.  There is much more in the Effective Relationship Series.  Before discovering the Effective Relationship Series, I was (and am) a big fan of Crucial Conversation which also touches on these subjects - though it is not specific to DiSC. 

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Thank you both for your comments. After some more reflection I think this is actually quite a good indication of how I manage. I am very flexible in my approach and adapt easily to environment & culture. The trickier side to that is ensuring I keep my own principles & managment personality intact in a less well developed company culture.