Do you have a formula/template you use when announcing new hires to the rest of the site/company/team?

I'm about to transfer to a new department in a few weeks and I just found myself writing my own welcome message to send off to my new boss. I was curious if you use this practice, and what you include (or don't include.)

Here's how mine generally go:

[i]Please join me in welcoming ______ to the ____ team.

______ comes to us from (previous company/position/school) where she/he has worked on (list several projects/accomplishments).

In his/her spare time _____ likes to (spend time with his family, sports, etc).

Effective (date), ____ will be reporting to me.

Welcome to the team![/i]

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That's almost word for word what we say also.

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Chuck - I agree with kklogic - that's what I see too.

Y'know, as a reader, I'm more interested in what you're going to do (that is, why you've joined us), than in what you've done in the past. But maybe that's just me.

My only advice: keep it short - most readers probably scan 'em, at best.


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Good thought HMac. The CIO thinks so also. He took my draft and put the "What's Chuck doing for us" as the first major paragraph (nicely done too.)

I'll make a note of it for future hirings of my own.

I love this place - I feel so much smarter today than I did yesterday.

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I do like adding what the person will be doing - but that email is really kicking off a relationship. By sharing a little about who this new employee is as a person, you're giving items for small talk. Hopefully, Suzie in Accounting also likes to read fiction novels and she and the new hire connect there to start.

We are very clear that the first thing a new employee needs to do is to establish their network in the company. I've always thought of that as the reason to send the announcement - not so everyone knows that Joe is replacing Sally's old duties.

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By the way Chuck - congrats!

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I agree 100%. I've always sent them as a relationship starter. As the IT Manager, it's always easier to let the customer know to look for a new face and say hello. When the "new guy" comes around to provide service, they may start up a conversation about sports, comic books, or whatever. Not "Who are you and why are you taking my computer?"

HMac, Thanks. I owe a lot to M&M and all of you in the forums. I'm sure there will be plenty more experience related items coming forth from the new role. I'll update my bio in a few weeks with all the gory details.