What analytical tools do you use to structure your thinking so that the analysis goes from the broad perspective to the heart of the issue?
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I use a simple mind mapping tool called Inspiration. The feature I use most is drawing arrows or links between icons with each icon repreenting an idea or initiative. After I get all my ideas down, I can reposition the icons (perserving the links.) The nature of interconnections lets me see the ideas that have the greatest impact.

Within the Manager Tools podcasts, you may find the "Simple Stakeholder Decision Analysis Tool" as a start to help structure some of your thoughts. (podcast page) (document)

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 You said "your thinking" as in an indiviual person's thinking.  I think a much better way to get to the heart of an issue is to get input from others.  Perhaps, that's what you meant...but just to be clear: get input from others about what they think.

As far as "tools" like TLH, any Mind mapping app can help, especially to break a big issue down into smaller parts.  This will work individaully and in a group with a good faciliator.

I would also recommend looking at some 6 Sigma and related tools: like Brainstorming, Pareto charts, check sheets, etc.  This is particularly useful in helping to prioritize when there are several "hearts" of the matter.

If you can be more specific, we might be able to provide more suggestions.