Hi everyone,

I need to teach a two-hour course on the DISC inventory to a group of my colleagues who will probably be new to the DISC, and I am looking for the best resources to prepare me for this. My goal is for them to use it as a self-examination tool to help them as leaders.

I feel like I have a pretty good handle on the DISC, but I am afraid of not having enough good material to make the most of the time.

Also, participants will have taken the DISC prior to coming to the class.

I am looking for anything that works: videos, PowerPoint, books, role playing, etc.

Thanks for your help, and thanks for this great site.

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I wish you well, and that sure sounds scary.

Please do respect our copyrights on our materials. What we provide is free for your personal use, but we do not allow presentations using it without a corporate license. That includes providing the podcasts on CD, or reporducing the cheat sheet.

If you want to point everyone to the materials individually, that's fine, but we prohibit presenting/"re-broadcast" efforts.


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No problem. It is a group of clergy, so we will definately take the copyright laws very seriously.

I guess the way I should have phrased the question was to ask if anyone could tell me, from a methodical standpoint, the best way to teach DISC to newbies. If you have been to a DISC training, what were the best and worst aspects of it?

Also, I really like the "How to Use the DISC to be More Effective Everyday" document. Would you mind quoting me a price to use it as a handout in a class with about 40 people (20 people in 2 classes taught over 2 days, for a one time seminar)? FWIW, we are a 501.c3.

Thanks for your help. I am so glad to have discovered this site.