My question covers the accomplishments section of my resume and I am very confused on what to put. How could I not know what my accomplishments are you might say. Well it seems that everybody always seems to have some kind of statistical or metrics data to put on a resume but I don't. I can't say whether I did so and so % of this or that, so all I can say is that I did something to make sure we had to as close as 100% pass rate and stayed below the minimum rejection parts. So how do you write out accomplishments if you don't have the actual numbers? I can list responsibilities all day, but I feel that without knowing my accomplishments I am only wasting energy on writing my resume.

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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I'm going to guess you're a High C, or you wouldn't be so particular about the precise pass rate percentage! 

First, I'd be remiss if I didn't admonish you about maintaining your CMD.

Do whatever you can to be as accurate as possible on your metrics.  Contact former co-workers to determine if they can help quantify your accomplishments.  If you simply can't pin it down to the fifth decimal place, consider estimating, approximating, and rounding down.

  • Achieved an approximate 1.027% increase in production pass rate by instituting Six Sigma practices
  • Realized an estimated 3.6% improvement in production pass rates using a TQM framework

Or, if you suspect your pass rate was between 99.99077% and 99.99054% you might say,

  • Maximized production pass rate to a peak exceeding 99.99054% by implementing a Manufacturing Execution System


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Thanks for the advice Michael! :)