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Hello all,

I do have a Distinguished Toastmaster award (DTM). I was Area Governor a few years ago. Now people in the district have asked me if I want to become Division Director (previously Division Governor) in the upcoming term.

I am on the fence here, given that this is a lot of work and the benefits are not that clear to me.

For 5+ years I've been the technical lead for a small software development team of 4.

What would you think of the additional Division Governor accomplishment on a resume, especially in regards of leadership / project management jobs?

Any other comments?



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Well, given my experience on District staff for four Districts on two (US) coasts, Division Directors are the pool from which senior staff gets drawn.  It's a great way to work on the skills you'll need should you decide to explore towards Top Four roles (in your Toastmasters District) or executive roles (professionally).  Fun tip:  one role of any organization's group of past executives is to find and groom the pool of potential successors to their successors.  So talk out your concerns with one of the Past District Governors!

Tech lead is very much like Area Governor, or at least it has been for me.  Division Director is more like manager, or even manager of managers if you choose to set up as a "micro district" with a small staff of your own.  Land some good mentors, especially a Past District Governor if you go "micro district".

If a resume comes by with "Division Governor" (especially "of the Year"), that shows hard-won expertise worthy of highlighting to managers at my workplace who keep an eye open for potential peers and bosses.  I can also network through to their District Governors and other peers to find out more -- informal reference checking ....

Joseph (ACS ALB, old used Area Governor (in District 4), and yes a Toastmaster of the Year (District 14))