I understand in the corporate world it is very easy to identify direct reports, but in retail it is much more difficult. In my store we have a store manager, assistant store manager( myself), two department managers, two leads, and thirty or so associates. I think my two managers and leads are my direct reports and the associates are theirs, but there is some bleed over as the store manager also is their superior and delegates to them. How do I determine who are my direct reports?

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Who gives you a performance review, and tells you if you get a raise or bonus? That person is your boss. You are their direct.

As Perry Mason said: "Follow the money."


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John's essentially correct.  And, retail has quirks.  Raises or bonuses are often held at store manager level, regardless of hierarchy.  Power is as power does.

Store managers generally don't know any better, because too many retail managers are either merchants (and not managers) or just poorly trained, because training costs time and money.

Too many store manager assume all their store employees are their directs...but then ignore almost everyone.  Others have a hierarchy, yet can handle everyone.

This problem is really an executive problem - retail stores are, within a chain, highly similar, and at SOME level, there is WIDESPREAD agreement on what the structure is.  It just hasn't been communicated well, or at all.

The fact that your store manager is their superior isn't a disqualifier - he or she is that to everyone, in some fashion.  His or her delegation to some/all is also not a disqualifier, even if perhaps clumsy.

Start with what you belive, and know that there will be clumsiness, and your boss will hopefully clarify.  And if he or she doesn't, well, as they say, "when there is chaos, someone benefits."  That would be you.