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Our company secretly rolled-out software that tracks screen time since we have remote workers and have seen issues with productvity. They ran it for 60 days to get baselines and then announced this to the entire company.

One of my go-to-people who has been with the company 10 years last week has been flagged as someone who is not putting in nearly the amount of screen time that we expected. It was startling to me, disappointing, and I still am just struggling with accepting this, but the numbers do not lie.

There have been some strong words and intense emotions flying around, including from my boss, and the entire leadership team is now trying to figure out what to do about this.

He feels targeted, betrayed, and deeply hurt by all this, and his relationship with my boss is over - I do not see any way back at all based on the things that have been said between them.

To make it even more complex, this person is struggling with medical issues that I would never want to have to deal with, and we have a note from his doctor requesting that he be allowed to work from home all the time. 

This guy has saved our bacon over-and-over again, and I would do just about anything to help him. I will not turn my back on him, but he has really messed-up, and I feel like some of this is my fault for being so naive and treating him with so much deference.

What do you think I should do?


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1. Identify whether the company allows his stay, or, conversely, discipline procedure.
2. If stay is preferred, the company should set rules saying redemption for individuals being flagged is the final chance they can adopt. As the man acted as bacon many times and you have no reason to refuse, it is vital to discuss with him that he should make compromise to the company to ensure this would not happen again. He knows the rules so he will tend to accept. What should be done coming next, surely, work out factors of hindering efficiency together.
3. If discipline procedure is preferred, the actions followed depend on how strong the discipline is. When it is not so harsh, and in terms of temporary, talk with him. Company has to run on well-organized, however, it does not mean someone under disciplinary punishment contributed nothing, and the company truly encourages commitments.

Wish these help.