Hi All

I've been invited to a half hour meeting with the Global CFO of my company.

I'm an accountant working on a high profile project with a go live of 01/07. Right now, the project is on target, on budget and on scope.

I'm normally a seat of your pants kind of girl when it comes to this sort of thing, but I realise this is a very short sighted approach when you get an opportunity to spend some face time with a leader four grades above you!

The meeting invite reads "I'd like to spend some time with you while I'm in town to get a better understanding of the business and what you're facing over the remainder of the year."

Okay, now to get to my question! What do I prepare to knock his socks off? I'm thinking I'll prep an overview of the project status, as well as a quick risk assessment. I also think I'm going to do the mid year review prep recommended in the mid year review prep cast.

I know this is a huge opportunity for me, and being clever about this meeting, combined with my project and general performance could translate into a promotion.

Any advice on what else I could do to prep for possibly the most important half hour of my year?




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There's a Career Tools cast they may give you a good starting place. I believe it's called Meeting a Senior Executive. 

The first step will be trying to find out as much as possible about what the CFO would expect from such a meeting. 

It would also be good to find out what kind of communication style he has. Will he want to chit chat or jump right into details?

Try to talk to as many people as you can to get a feel for his style. 

Sounds like an exciting opportunity. Hope your preparation goes well.