BLUF: My manager has been laid off. What steps should I take?

She's been with the company for about 10 years, and has always been a great manager. She uses the Trinity consistently, and my relationship with her is a good one. 

She has completed and filed our annual reviews and has created one-page transition docs on each of us for our next manager. Her overall transition file is solid. In other words, she has done everything that she can to be professional about it all and to take care of her team.

My career management doc is updated and in place, and my network is strong. I have less concern about possibly being laid off than how to handle the next steps with my current firm. Her replacement (and, thus, my next boss) is yet to be hired, and will likely be an outside hire, working in another physical location. 

What things can you suggest that I do to better prepare for the transition?

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If your boss has been laid off, how will they replace that position?  Normally when someone is laid off you can't fill that same position.'s picture

Thanks for your response and question, Southerndad. 

To answer your question, they have eliminated the position entirely, and the plan is to re-hire (with a slightly different job title, of course) in another company location.

The idea is to get a management position closer to the people who will be developing our next generation of products.

If you have questions or need more info, just let me know.