Hello Everyone,

I've recently reentered the job market and have utilized a lot of the techniques discussed around Manager tools (Resume format, Leveraging my network, etc). All of which seems to be working reasonably well albeit slower than I would like.

I have recently had a phone and two face-to-face interviews (with different people) with a company that I am very excited about working for. I am working with a recruiter on the position and the only feedback they've given me is that they loved my qualifications but were concerned if I would be a fit for the organization.

I'm not wholly surprised by this as the second interview I had was with the decision makers and I was not on my "A" game for sure and believe I could have had a much better showing.

I have done the hand written Thank You notes, etc. and have been told they have one more candidate they want to meet with this week before making a decision. 

So here is the question: Should I persist and perhaps call the hiring manager or decision makers to reinforce my interest in the position, or sit tight and patiently wait?


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The Manager Tools Interviewing Services covers the details on how to professionally follow-up. If you have not already purchased the Interviewing Series then I encourage you to do so. I highly recommend the material and podcasts therein.

If I recall the MT guidance (there are details in the casts) essential recommendations are to communicate weekly alternating between email and phone to express your interest. Remain both enthusiastic and professional at all times. As a candidate you are not aware of all processes behind the scenes.

Best of good fortune to you.