Hi Folks, 

BLUF: I am looking for some guidance on how to handle the nuances of resignation. Specifically,  once I've announced my resignation to my manager. Is it ok to tell others in the org? Or do I wait for my manager to tell them? 

Context: : I am a Sr Manager, individual contributor in a marketing org, and am not leaving to pursue a specific job offer.  

Step 1: I already contacted my remote direct manager by phone last week to let her know that I am resigning and to talk about an exit strategy. We agreed by follow up email that I would finish my last project and prepare some transition documents. My last day is to be approx one month from the day I resigned to coincide with the end of this last project. 

Step 2: I officially issued my resignation on our company intranet.

Now What? 

Ten days have passed and as near as i can tell, she hasn't shared the notice of my resignation with anyone on the team. These team members are engaging me in the planning of my deliverables on projects that don't begin until after I have left the company. Is it ok to tell people that I have now resigned and the timeline for my departure? Don't I owe it to them to be truthful ? Or will that be perceived as talking out of turn? I feel that by not saying anything I am misleading them into a false set of plans and agreements.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this matter.


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I think at this point you need to have a discussion with your manager and her know that you plan to inform your team at your next staff meeting. This may force her hand but you have been up front about your departure and your direct reports need to know that you are leaving. It appears to me that your manager is doing a disevice to your team by not informing them.

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There may be a specific reason why your manager doesn't want to make your resignation public (I can't imagine what it might be, but I don't have a great imagination).  You should give your manager the respect of letting her know what the impact of not telling people has been, and request that you be able to let everyone know.  If your manager then has a specific reason for wanting to keep it quiet, you should at least be able to find that out and know more about what's going on.