I am trying to achieve a situation in Outlook where I do not see any KITW Tasks in my list of Tasks, until they actually become due.

At the moment, I've got hundreds of these KITWs clogging up my task list, even though they're not due for months. And any time I complete one, or delete it, the next instance of that series immediately appears... so I just have endless KITWs...

I'd assumed that using the radio button "regenerate task xx months after marking completed" would effectively mean the task is "hidden" in the meantime, but that's not happening.

What do other people do about this issue?

Cheers, Chris

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you can look at your tasks using different views in2003.

View/Arrange by/Current View/Next seven days

for example.

If that's not there then you have to set it up.

View/Arrange by/Current View/Define/New/Table

Then Filter/Advanced

in Field pick due date and condition next seven days

Click ok and ok

and New view will appear on the list and you can select it.


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If you are interested in using outlook more efficiently, I think you will find this thread usefull :

I also made a small pdf document for my teams, that explains how to customize outlook for a more efficient use (including hiding task not due). If you pm me your email, I will send it to you as soon as I get back to my laptop (I am in vacation for 2 more weeks)



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Thank you both - Wendii, even digging mildly into that there's a staggering array of stuff I can play with, had no idea! Thanks.

Ced, I'll do that - I was aware of your status as our resident Outlook guru, so I'm glad you've found my thread!

Cheers, Chris