I made it past the first stage formal interview with the hiring manager and HR and am now on to an informal coffee interview with a prospective peer and two of the hiring manager's peers in two days. Other than remembering that it is still an interview and to mind my manners is there any tips or advice you can offer?


ps. thanks to the interview series I felt super confident during the formal interview. I even closed!

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Hi Jonno

I think it is in the cast about meal interviews and probably in other casts as well where the MT recommendation is to be prepared with some current affairs knowledge.  Know what is going on in the world so you have an opportunity to engage in some small  chit-chat at the beginning.   Be always on your guard.  Have all your answers and stories that show your achoevements.  Don't engage in any negative comments.

Good luck


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Thanks for the tips Kev. I will let you know how it goes.