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I am new to Manager Tools – found this podcast series by accident and now I am “ hooked”. I listen to the cast during my commute. I am working as a Functional Business Manager for the Vancouver Organizing Committee for 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games (VANOC) in Vancouver, BC. My employment will end when the games are over in March 2010.  I am also new (been here 2 years) to the Vancouver business community and trying to network as best I can.

I just listened to the “How to Handle Headhunters” cast and found it very helpful, but I have one question:
What if the phone is not ringing – what is the best way to find an executive recruiter and what strategies should you consider if you are the initiator of the phone call.
I would appreciate any help and or tips on this matter

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Welcome to the forums.  There is a podcast on addressing your question specifically:

John Hack

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Consider also contacting trusted colleagues who recently completed job transitions. Chances are they either built relationships with recruiters (as you soon will) or actually found their new position through a recruiter.

Stay in touch with your references that helped you get the VANOC position.

Do a world class job with VANOC and opportunities will appear.

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John - thanks for the link to podcast. Will defenitely listen to it.

TLHAUSMANN - thanks for the tip - I have a few colleagues in mind that I could contact. World or should I say Olympic class performance is expected at VANOC when we get ready to host the world in 2010. More information on the 2010 Olympic Winter Games  can be found at: have a look and let me know if you have any questions.

Appreciate your help


Tom Andersson