I did not begin to study management topics until I became a project manager. Previously I was a programmer on another team in the same company. So the ideas around, DiSC, feedback, 1x1's, coaching, etc. were all new to me because these things were not taught to me by my manager.

From the podcasts, articles, and books that I'm reading I'm hearing that these are all things 'for managers'. Which of these topics should I teach to my directs? Should everyone on the team be encouraged to understand DiSC, the feedback and coaching models? Is it my responsibility to explain to them the methods that I'm learning?


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Not so much a experienced response but you may be interested to hear that, as a team member, i have found the wealth of information on MT to be very beneficial.

I highlight areas such a DiSC, Secrets of a Great Handshake, CV, presentation, meetings and emails that have had positive impacts on my effectiveness and career.

I have also listened to around 95% of the podcasts on MT and found at-least a few points on every podcast, while not always immediate, very helpful.

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Good question. Please share ALL of Manager Tools with everyone who works for you. Even if they don't have directs, they may someday, and the more they understand about what you're doing, the more likely they are to be willing participants.

And here's a bonus: teaching it will make you MUCH better at all this stuff, and knowing they know it will REALLY get you focused.