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I sometimes struggle with this. I mean I want to build my team, especially the managers under me. I enjoy being hands on, but I feel I sometimes may be crossing the line to micromanaging people.

Does manager tools and/or any of the managers on this forum, have a viewpoint on how to go about consistently maintaining a healthy line of being hands on vs micromanaging people?

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Before posting a simple question like this,  I'd recommend that you search the Website to see if there are any PodCasts or Forum Topic Threads already.


Here -  I "canned" a search for you - It should get you off to a good start :*

Good Luck


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I honestly don't remember if it was from M-T or elsewhere, but I remember hearing once:

Good managing is knowing what your people are doing. Micro-managing is telling them how to do it.

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The very short answer is that Mark borderline doesn't believe in micro-management; it is his opinion that it happens far far far less than people seem to think. In an old podcast I just listened to he gave a definition roughly like: when you tell your staff what to do, exactly how to do it, don't tell them why, often watch them doing it, and then often decide it isn't good enough and it  do it yourself. He gave an example to back this up of someone who would get their team to put together 100+ slide pitches, would critique them slide by slide, and who already had put together his own version that he 'knew' would be better and would get used in the end.

Personally I think this is an overly restrictive definition, but given what you know about me and about Mark I'd suggest you take his definition and your own opinion and find a position your happy with.