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After O3s, feedback, coaching, and delegation, what is the most useful Manager Tools recommendation / cast / tool?

I ask because I only found Manager Tools a year ago and have only listened to a third or half of the MT casts and even less of the CT casts.  The trinity is kind of a given - but after that what ideas do you find most useful within MT?

For me (so far) it might be the annual review series, email guidance, staff meetings, or the new direct series.  

What is your favorite technique taught by Manager Tools?  What guidance do you use over and over again?  What casts do you listen to multiple times (or print and re-read)?


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My recommendation is to do the DISC model for yourself and if you can get them, listen to the DISC casts. They will help you to understand how to communicate with your extended team, peers, and boss better. These are gold in my eyes and I wish that i could get them for all of my employees and peers. 



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For being super useful in my - and my directs' - day to day work: email & calendar management.
For better communications within the team: DISC

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Hi William,

It does depend on where you are at in your career, and what your personal foibles might be. If you are a fantastic presenter, then the casts on presenting won't provide as much value to you as they would someone who is terrified at the thought of a presentation.

DISC is a universal tool so the previous responses advising DISC have given you good advice. Each DISC quartile has a podcast in the form High X Manager Simple Downfall (DISC) and these can be used to self analyse and then point you at additional casts for your particular situation.

And if you haven't listened to it, also try the How to Pre-wire a Meeting cast.

Good luck.